Hey!!! There is a haybale there!!!

Today was a short day at the ranch. I got there at 8 and went to feed the heifers in the drylot. As I was getting back in the truck after shutting in the gate Marty pulled up honking his horn. I walked over to see what he wanted and he said he was ready to put them on pasture. Instead of feeding them I drove down to the gate and opened it and drove through. I was a little apprehensive about leading them to pasture because there was a quarter mile of open hay bottom between the barn lot and the gate to the “Pie Pasture”. The heifers were a little reluctant to go through the gate, but once they did they took off running next to the truck and some of them were jumping and bucking. I actually had to shift into a higher gear to get ahead of the heifers. When we got about ¾ of the way across the field the heifers started to realize that they were in a huge field with 300 fresh round bales and alfalfa starting to green up again. When I was about 50 yard from the gate they lost all interest in me and started grazing in the alfalfa. When I realized I lost them I turned around and looked to try to figure out where they were. Before I turned around I had steered to go between two round bales… Well when I looked forward again I was about 3 feet from the bale! Luckily I was in first gear and barely crawling so when I bumped the bale it didn’t really do anything, the bale just rolled a couple feet (that was my bad). Eventually with some coaxing from Marty and Chad in the chase vehicles the heifers followed me through the gate. After they got in the gate I went to put feed out for them and of course the feedbox wasn’t working right. The heifers were starting to head back toward the gate and I was fighting to get the belt that turns the auger back on so I ran and shut the gate. Eventually I got the belt on and I got the heifers further out in the pasture and fed them.

                After I got back out the gate I was pretty mad at the feedbox. When I got back to the shop I think Marty noticed because he told me to replace the belt. I of course made it more difficult than it was. I figured I would have to take the flywheel off or something. Nope, Marty walked over and just pulled it off… Having never used one before working at Journagan I know exactly Jack squat about how to work on them.

                We also had to catch a bull and doctor him for foot rot and an abscess on his other foot. That was pretty easy. The bull was really easy to work with; it amazes me how docile the Hereford bulls are. The only time he fought was when we gave him the shots of Nuflor.  We turned him out then called it a day.


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